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The Difference Between The Charger And Power Adapter

Dec 22, 2016 16:4
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We may confuse what's the different between the charger and power adapter,following information wish can help you to know....

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1   What is the charger ?
Chargers - An electrical accessories , usually refers to a converts AC power to low voltage DC equipment. Charger is widely used in various fields , particularly in the areas of life has been widely used in mobile phones , cameras and so common appliances.

Charger power electronic semiconductor device using the constant voltage and frequency of the alternating current is converted to a static DC converter device . In order to operate the power supply or battery backup power for electricity occasion , the charger has a broad application prospects.

2   What is the power adapter ?
The power adapter is small portable electronic devices and electronic and electronic power conversion equipment , usually by the shell, power transformer and rectifier circuit, its output can be divided into AC output and DC- output type ; press connection can be inserted into the wall mount and desktop . Widely used in the phone Cordless phone , game console, language repeater , walkman , notebook computers, cellular phones and other devices .

Most laptop power adapters can automatically detect 100 ~ 240V AC (50/60Hz). Basically all laptop regard the external power supply , with a line and a host connection , so you can reduce the size and weight of the host , only a handful of models built in the power supply within the host .

The power adapter has a nameplate above marked power , input and output voltage and current and other indicators, with particular attention to the input voltage range , which is called "travel power adapter ."

3   Chargers and power adapters where the difference between ?
By the above definition and content of personal opinion, the same nominal charger generally not directly used for power , just like our cell phone charger , as it is used to charge the phone and not connected wires directly connected to the phone fooled battery use ; generally can not only power adapter for power , but also to give an electrical charge , like the notebook power adapters, it can charge to the computer , but also to the computer power supply.

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